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Sleep Disorders

A sleep disorder is a physical and psychological condition or disturbance of sleep and wakefulness caused by abnormalities read more that occur during sleep or by abnormalities of specific sleep mechanisms. Although the sleep disorder exists during sleep, recognizable symptoms manifest themselves during the day. Accurate diagnosis requires a polysomnogram, widely known as a "sleep test."It is estimated that some 40 million Americans suffer from chronic, long-term sleep disorders. Another 20 to 30 million Americans suffer from some kind of sleep disorder on an irregular basis. The annual costs in productivity, health care click, and safety have been estimated in the billions of dollars.

The Polysomnogram (PSG)

A Sleep Study or Polysomnogram (PSG) is a multiple-component test, which electronically transmits and records specific click here physical activities while you sleep. The recordings become data, which will be "read" or analyzed by a qualified physician to determine whether or not you have a sleep disorder.
There are 4 types of Polysomnographic Studies. They are:

Diagnostic Overnight PSG - General monitoring and evaluation.
Diagnostic Daytime Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT) - Used to diagnose Narcolepsy and measure the degree of daytime sleepiness. To ensure accurate results, it is performed on the morning following a Diagnostic Overnight PSG.
Two Night PSG with CPAP Titration - General monitoring and diagnostic evaluation is conducted on the first night. If Sleep Apnea is discovered, the patient returns for a second night to determine the necessary CPAP pressure required to alleviate apnea.
Split Night PSG with CPAP Titration - Split Night PSG is conducted when moderate or severe Sleep Apnea has been info discovered or strongly suspected during the first part of the nights study. The second half of the night is used for CPAP Titration.

Sleep Disorders Glossary. Click on an item below for the definition.

Sleep Apnea Idiopathic Hypersomnia
Insomnia Parasomnias
Narcolepsy Fibromyalgia
RLS/PLMD Circadian Rhythm Disorders


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